Monday, 20 September 2010

New Projects, Sherlock and MUSE!

Hello again bloggers,

It's been a while! I keep saying I need to make these updates smaller and more frequent, but I've really been so busy! I have a brand new project on the horizon with some clients which should get some great exposure down the line. I can't talk about it just yet, but I'll post up my work for it when I can. It's all very exciting!

I'm currently working on a big piece inspired from one of my favourite songs from the alternative rock band, Blue October. It's a slow song for them and very emotive.

18th Floor Balcony by Blue October

My piece is a rather sad interpretation of it, but one that is very relaxing for me to paint, even though I'm really pushing myself in terms of lighting, colour, anatomy and detail. I'm making an effort to push boundaries and I really hope it shows in the final result!

Here is a special preview for my readers. :3

It's just a small crop of the full thing for now, as the other half still looks pretty horrifying! I'm open for comments/crits on it as it stands for now though!

In other news, I've just finished the BBC Sherlock series yesterday with my sisters. It's a fabulous piece of work, in writing, acting and cinematography.

Written by the writers of recent Doctor Who series, Sherlock is essentially the modern update of the original stories. Not having read them, I don't know how accurate of an update it is, but knowing the character of Sherlock Holmes, I can definitely say that Benedict Cumberbatch (yes that is his real name, brilliant isn't it?) does an incredible job of redefining the character in a modern setting.

The transition from Victorian London to present-day London is both huge and subtle, but works so well. Instead of a pipe, Sherlock uses nicotine patches on his arm to help him think, instead of Watson's journal he writes an internet blog: it's simple, but effective.

The series comprises of three 80-minute episodes and the second season will see its first broadcast Autumn 2011.

The writing and editing of the series is fast-paced, smart and oh so witty. The partnership between Holmes and Watson (Martin Freeman) is electric and the way they bicker like a married couple is entertaining and done in a really fresh way.

So if you haven't watched that, I recommend checking it out. It's on DVD in most shops now.

I'm a little late on talking about this, but a couple of weeks ago, I was privileged enough to go and see Muse perform live in Manchester with my boyfriend, courtesy of his parent's!

It was a stunning experience, supported by Pulled Apart by Horses, Band of Skulls and Editors! The first band weren't my thing, but Band of Skulls were a pleasant surprise and Editors were as fab live as they are on their album.

Muse really were something else though. I've never seen such a visually spectacular performance live on stage! They had a mini-stage rise above the crowds, streamers pop out at the audience during "Guided by Light", great costumes, giant eyeballs bounced across the stadium and great lighting effects! And the vocals and music was even better than the recorded tracks! Utterly flawless!

Easily one of the best gigs I've been to, it's up there with Radiohead 2 years ago and Peter Gabriel at hyde Park the year before that--wow! <3

Also got myself an awesome Muse hoodie! <3

Well, that's all from me for now. I'm moving into my lovely new house in Newport in a couple of weeks and have a weekend away at Alton Towers with my Mum and sisters, so can't wait for that! :3

Also just found out that the elusive The Lion King is finally seeing a DVD re-release in Autumn 2011 along with Bambi this Spring 2011! :D Cannot wait!! :D

Ta ta for now!
Love Gem xxx

P.S. My Mass Effect is working now! Got it cleaned up at Game for £5, yippee! :D