Monday, 27 May 2013

Dr. Sketchy's Japan: FuturePast - Life Drawing with Hatsune Miku!

Last weekend I attended a Dr. Sketchy's life drawing event in Chester with my sister and friend Zara--a special "erotic" drawing class with a Hatsune Miku cosplayer, @DoitCosplayGirl and traditional Japanese dancer Kana Nagashima!

The poster for the event
Here are some of my drawings from the night, I found that drawing clothed models was a little trickier than drawing nude models like in other classes, as I concentrated too much on the costume, but once I started using a brush pen, my drawings relaxed a bit and the looser style fit the session a bit more.

A 'manga-fied' portrait of my sister

A 'manga-fied' portrait of me by Zara!

It was a really fun night with lots of artists (new and experienced) and was complete with vocaloid music. It was a great atmosphere and at the end all the artists put their favourite drawings on the stage to be picked by Madame Ex (the organiser), the models, and a wonderful guest artist, Jodie Wynne (who presented a great 'how to draw' manga style demonstration) for prizes.

One of my drawings actually got picked by Jodie Wynne for a prize, a lovely illustrated book called So Good for Little Bunnies by Brandi Milne, which took me by surprise! The drawings on show were amazing!

Drawings by Zara (bottom) and Edalie (top) 

Our lovely models!

My favourite drawing from the night and the awesome book I won :)

Dr. Sketchy's drawing events aren't too frequent but I can't wait to go to the next one this summer! :) I highly recommend them. :)

Funky Aardvark Life Drawing 17th / 24th April

Some life drawing I just got round to scanning from two life drawing evenings at Funky Aardvark in Chester. It's a great session of quick and long poses in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with tea and music! Unfortunately I only managed 2 classes before I started my new job in London as they are on Wednesdays... hopefully I can make it back there in the summer!

Watercolour + pen

Oil pastel

Back poses, the model had gorgeous wing tattoos on her back so they had to be included!
Funky Aardvark is a fantastic art shop in Chester where I'm looking to sell art prints + cards with my sisters in the near future so look out for that! :)